The engine which has coils distributed in the stator and its links

There is a very simple explanation of the electric motor as it has coils that are distributed in the stator and are connected so that they can form three symmetrical circuits and very different, what we call motor winding phase, then we can say that these phases are interconnected and thus form the links that call connections star-shaped or triangle format.

And for a perfect coupling will a three-phase network, it is necessary to take into account the voltage at which it will operate, and that star connection of at least 350 horsepower the number of terminals 5, 6, 7 are interconnected, and thus the terminals 8, 9, 10e 3 are connected to a power grid.

At delta connection of at least 230 volts, the beginning of a phase is closed together with the end of the other, and this junction is connected to the network, so a three-phase motors are speed given to the motor where to get baldor em3154t.

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Master line engine models with open cage

Model Electric Motor Master Line – MGA – BT / AT – ODP open-ended, that have cage format

The electric motors of this model are engines that were manufactured in different configurations, as the size of the equipment and the type of torque it needs to have, in addition to assessing the cooling method and degree of protection against external agents, this setting the master electric motor vm3542 line can be defined in a way that easily adapts to any condition.

Model Electric Motor Master Line – MGF – BT / AT – T23 47- and AC model with open cage format

The electric motors of this model are manufactured to be used on all machines that do not suffer from external problems, and can not have contact with water, this because this type of motor cage format, leaves some of its visible components, so all care the electric motor configuration can be defined by their ability to match operating and environmental conditions.

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